Networking, Part 3 – Social networking

Now, here’s a different story. I belong to a bunch of these, but I’m wondering what I’m missing.

I belong to Technical Writing World, which is a social group for tech writers of all breeds. (I’ve sung their praises in a past blog.) I’ve learned so much from there, and while I may not have “friended” many different people, I do know who’s who and when to listen.

I also have an account on LinkedIn, which is how I keep in touch with people who I used to work with (and value their input). I haven’t yet tried to “network” with other people, and I’m still figuring that part out. But I know who to listen to, where to go to get pertinent information, and I keep my voice out there. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but at least I’m trying.

And I have an account on Twitter, and have tried to keep up on that (although not as much as LinkedIn). I still haven’t gotten the hang of the whole “tagging and replying” thing yet. I enjoy reading other people’s tweets, and have learned some things, but, again, haven’t tried the “networking” part of it yet.

And then there’s this blog. It’s another way that I’m trying to get myself “out there.” I haven’t met anyone through this yet, but it’s still new, and I can hope. I publicize each new blog post on the three above groups, and hope that, eventually, someone will read my posts. And respond.

What social groups do you belong to? Are there any ones that you recommend?


4 thoughts on “Networking, Part 3 – Social networking

  1. I read it Bridget. Networking is great but it is very time consuming. I haven’t jumped into Twitter yet but I am sure that day will come. I love LinkedIN and user groups and just email. It helps with questions, concerns, and in my day to day job it helps me find great candidates. Take care-Cindi

    • Hi Cindi,
      Thanks so much for posting to my blog!
      I can imagine how networking would help you in your job – you find great people that way.
      I’m still working on my presence, I’ll let you know how it turns out.
      Thanks again!
      – Bridget

  2. Hi Pidge!

    I’ve always approached “new media” with a sense of exploration and experimentation. We’ve all planted many flags around the Internet and typically abandon most. We do this because a lack of value to self.

    I have found the following as really valuable to me:

    1. LinkedIn helps me keep abreast of colleagues past and present, business articles and professional development.

    2. Facebook is where I keep connected to family and close friends. It’s mostly valuable to me as entertainment as well as ease of sharing personal content such as pictures of the kids.

    3. Twitter to me is a info feed. I myself do not put content out there. I find it very valuable in that if you follow the right people for you then you can be inspired, informed, amused, etc to your liking in real-time. It’s interesting how a stranger following you is somehow a good thing on Twitter. LOL.

    I do have my own websites and blogs and iTunes channel and YouTube to disseminate content to those who want info from me.

    Thanks for letting us comment!


    • Bill,

      Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! And all the information – wow!
      I’ll have to look into Twitter as an info feed – that’s a new idea for me.
      See you on LinkedIn!
      – Pidge

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