Networking, Part 2 – Professional Organizations

I’ve been trying to figure out what professional organizations I should belong to (and those that are ok to leave by the wayside).  As I’ve stated before, I’m really bad at this networking stuff, and need all the help I can get.

I currently belong to STC, and am questioning my need to belong to that. I don’t attend chapter meetings, as they are too far away for me to attend. I don’t go to any SIG meetings, as I can’t afford to belong to any. And I haven’t actually met anyone on there, so the whole “networking” thing is currently beyond me. So I’m wondering if my membership amount is worth it. I like the idea of being able to take webinars for a reduced rate, and have taken advantage of that a few times. And I do read Intercom online, but I haven’t had to sign in to read it. So is it worth the dues for a few webinars? (Also – I’m not going for my certification with STC. I’ve almost completed my Master’s in Technical Communications, and I figure that’s a better deal for my money. What do you think?)

And, as I live in the US, I don’t belong to any overseas groups, and don’t know if I should. Are they very different from STC? Are there any meetings that are here in the states?

I do belong to PMI, as I’m trying to get my certification in Project Management. No, I don’t attend any meetings there, either, but at least the meetings are in a city near me, so if I chose to, I could easily go. And, as I stated in a blog post before, it’s a way to show that I’m versatile. (Or, at least, I hope!)

What other professional organizations you belong to? What do you recommend?


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