Writer’s Block

Every once in a while, I suffer from writer’s block – just like everyone else. That dreaded feeling that you have nothing to write about – and have no idea what to write.

I start writing about writer’s block. Back in college I had to write a poem for a creative writing class. The topic could be whatever you wanted it to be, just so long as it was creative. I looked around, took a walk, absolutely nothing was coming to me. So I wrote my poem on writer’s block, and it got an A. Not bad for someone who couldn’t think of a darn thing to write about!

The problem I face is when I can’t just write about it – I have a specific topic I’m required to write about. That’s when the problems emerge.

I’ll research the topic, see what others have written about it, and see what’s new in that topic. If it’s a piece of software or something like that, I’ll play around in the software. If it’s a piece of hardware, I’ll look it over and see how it’s built. Whatever it takes to get more information about it – so I can write something, anything, about what I’m supposed to write about.

And then, if I’m still blocked, I’ll start writing about writer’s block – just to get something down on paper. Then, once I’m feeling creative again, I’ll look again at whatever it is that I’m supposed to be writing about. Usually by then I’m over the writer’s block.

What do you do to get over your writer’s block? I’d love to hear your ideas! As always, comments and opinions are always welcome!


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