Local Idioms

I recently moved to Pennsylvania, and noticed an interesting way of speaking here that I’ve never heard anywhere else.

Instead of saying “This needs to be done.” or “This needs to be hemmed.”, they just say “This needs done.” or “This needs hemmed.” They specifically leave out the “to be” in whatever verb they need doing. Now, I understand if they say that something needs doing, but not that it needs done. It bothers me.

The problem that I am faced with is in editing their documents. I always add the “to be” back into the sentence, and (as kindly as I can) explain to them that what they’re saying is not correct English. But because they grew up here and have only heard the language spoken this way, they always revert back to the idiom. And some have even told me that I’m wrong. Now, I don’t want to be the language snob, but this is becoming a real problem here. And I refuse to give in.

Are there any local idioms where you are? How do you work with them? I’m always interested in hearing your opinion!


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