Is there a spell check on this thing?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it is tech writers in general. But I know it annoys me to no end.

What am I talking about? When I read blog posts (OK, anything published) that are chock-full of spelling errors.

Spelling errors are simple mistakes to prevent from being published. There’s something called a Spell Checker that looks through your post and makes certain that everything you’ve written is spelled correctly. It’s usually a button with a check mark and a little “ABC” on top/inside the check mark.

I read a lot of different blogs. And most of the ones I read are pretty good. But every once in a while I come across one that has too many spelling errors to continue reading. That’s when that blog gets crossed off of my list.

What’s your opinion? Do you notice spelling errors?

– Bridget


2 thoughts on “Is there a spell check on this thing?

  1. I do notice spelling errors however, from personal experience I can excuse bloggers for an occasional typo here and there. Remember, spelling errors do not mean that the person is bad at english, in case of blogs, especially it means that the person is:
    a) Fat-fingered, which I am
    b) Too exited to share their stories with the world, which is true in my case as well.
    c) Plain careless, I think you are referring to this category here.
    Again, having said that, I would still check for spelling errors 10 times after I write a post. I just want to say that please, do not hang people who write good, credible and interesting stuff for an occasional spelling error 🙂

    • Hi Shweta,
      I agree – one spelling error on a blog post is not a problem.
      I’m talking about blog posts that have a spelling error in every sentence. That’s just annoying. Especially when the person considers themselves a writer. That’s just embarrassing.
      And – yes, I run it through spell check at least 5 times before I publish it!
      – Bridget

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